Indicator & Sensor

Indicators & Sensors are considered as integral parts of production, calibration and testing procedures in different industries. Featured with pneumatically isolated design, this array of products has pneumatically isolated design for improving its sensitivity level. Based on their design and mechanism, these Indicators & Sensors are also used to regulate ice thickness level surrounding chilling tubes. With having electronic controller, these automatically stop electric supply to solenoid valve or compressor of cooling units when ice thickness meets pre programmed parameters. Quality of these products has been verified on the basis of their sensitivity range, operating method, service life, maintenance technique, precision level and diameter. These are offered in hand held and table mounted design options to suit specific application needs.

Digital Temperature Plus Relative Humidity Indicators And Indicators Controllers

Electronic Temperature Sensors

In repeated testing, this electronic temperature sensor has proven to be very dependable, accurate, and reasonably priced. Both surface mount and embedded applications might benefit from it. Because of the decreased thermal mass, this has a quicker response time. Additionally, it uses a specific technique to confirm output that is quick, easy, and stable over time. It is renowned for having a weather-resistant body. The direct temperature display that this electronic temperature sensor is capable of is good. Thus, remote detection and data logging are also possible uses.

Pressure Transmitters

Utilizing this Pressure Transmitter is the best approach to keep an eye on and manage pressure and temperature. To satisfy the various needs of your industrial applications, it is manufactured. Direct measurements of pressure and temperature variations are possible using a pressure transmitter. We may enhance the quality of their products due to this transmitter's reliable data for process control. In order to ensure its long-lasting function, this transmitter has a tough design and is less vulnerable to overpressure incidents.

Co2 Portable Handheld Device

Is a low cost flexible and easy to use hand held instrument designed to measure the carbon dioxide concentration and temperature in surrounding air The large illuminated display presents the 2 values simultaneously Built in data output (RS232) makes it simple to log data for longer time Audible alarm is included Max Min Average as well as TWA and STEL measurements are also available The carbon dioxide sensors gold plated infra red waveguide and diffusion membrane filter provides you great reliability accuracy and longterm stability 

Pressure Temperature Humidity Scanner Controller


Data Logger

With this Data Logger, which is trustworthy, cost-effective, and quick, every measurement opportunity may be tracked. High precision, user-friendliness, and increased adaptability across all applications are just a few benefits of using this logger. With the help of this Data Logger, measurements may be taken at predetermined intervals automatically and accurately without the need for labour, helping you save time and money. Numerous applications, including monitoring in remote locations and inclement weather, are ideal for it.

Electronic Humidity Sensors And Transmitters

  • Compact enclosure I.P 65.
  • Resistant to volatile organic compounds.
  • Highly stable.
  • Accuracy + 2%
  • Humidity span 0% to 100%.
  • DC operation
  • Temperature compensated
Fast response
  • Humidity Transmitter Voltage Output FKH14
  • Pt100 + Humidity Sensor Voltage Output FKH14R
  •  Pt100 + Humidity Transmitter Current Output FKH140
  • Temp. Humidity Transmitter Both Current Output FKH240
  • Temp. Humidity Transmitter Current Output compensated FKH240-C (Imported)
  • Humidity Transmitter FKH14-I current output

Digital Gas Indicators and Indicating Controllers

The development of this Digital Gas Indicators and Indicating Controller was made possible by the modern world's escalating expectations for performance, accuracy, and speed. Even in difficult circumstances, this Digital Gas Indicators and Indicating Controller offers accurate, consistent readings. The controller is quick, dependable, and easy to use. It is also well-made. It is possible to do this using gases like ethylene, carbon dioxide, oxygen, and nitrogen. This case's advantages include its durability, which makes it useful for prolonged usage in challenging conditions.

Digital Pressure Indicators And Indicators Controllers


Gas Sensors

This gas sensor is employed to identify poisonous gasses and offers a crucial technique to keep track of the concentration and environmental data of gas in order to ensure the production's safety. Workers and businesses alike rely on our personal and portable detector. We provide this Gas Sensor, which has a number of benefits and is appropriate for all safety applications, including single-gas monitoring applications as well as those involving multiple gas monitoring. The tiny, lightweight monitors for the sensor's audio, visible, and vibrating alerts are included.

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