Line Components

FS-100 E Flow Switch

With repeatability and a wide range of flow settings, this Flow Switch Type FS-100 E provides precise flow sensing. Its robust design provides long-life dependability in both water and oil. It is perfect for finding incorrect flow rates in systems that handle a lot of volume for lubrication, cooling, or process. The Flow Switch Type FS-100 E improves exterior versatility while retaining the same level of precision and durability as switches with fixed settings. Your selection of flow settings is wide with this adaptable switche within a certain range.

MGLG 150-1500 Reflex Frost Free Liquid Level Glasses

MGV8 Gauge Valve


Constant Flow Valve

No matter how much the source or load pressure varies, this constant flow valve maintains a constant flow of gases and liquids. The specified flow rate can be readily controlled with the handle and, thanks to the built-in control function, can be automatically maintained regardless of variations in primary pressure. This variable constant flow regulator is very effective. This Constant Flow Valve has a lift type structure that allows for virtually linear performance in flow rate regulation.

MHPSV-SS High Pressure Stop Valves


High Pressure Stop Valves Type MHPSV


  • Maximum working pressure: 798 psi g (55 bar g)
  • Fluid temperature range: -60C to + 150C (76F to 302F)
  • Application: Ammonia, Fluorocarbons, Carbon Dioxide
  • Material: Body: LCC A352 Cast Steel Body
  • Internals: SS304
  • Seat: PTFE
  • Connections: DN15-40 -Socket/Butt Weld
  • DN50-300 -Butt Weld.
  • Reliable Back Seating.
  • DN 15-65 Available in stainless steel upon special request 

MOSCV Oil Separator Control Valve

Non Return Valves

This Non Return Valve guarantees appropriate medium flow through the pipe, even under pressure conditions where reversed flow is likely to happen. It only enables a medium to flow in one way. When constructing the system, it is important to consider that the flow via the Non Return Valve results in a comparatively substantial pressure drop. We use our valve to guarantee that reverse flow is not an issue in heating, water supply, and wastewater applications.

Line Strainer

Multifunction Valve Station

The quick replacement features are a feature of this multifunction valve station. It is a one-stop solution that condenses several tasks into a single unit and may take the place of a succession of conventional mechanical joints. There are electromechanically operated valves in the multifunction valve station. During installation, service, and maintenance, this valve station offers several advantages throughout the design phase of a refrigeration plant. High-quality materials go into this valve station.


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