Safety Equipments

A hazardous process or activity can be prevented from harming itself, people, other processes, the plant, environment, or other surroundings by employing the Safety Equipments that are available. These equipments also reduce danger to operators, maintenance personnel, or other humans. A leak might seriously harm several different types of pipelines. In order to enhance fault protection and adhere to regulatory requirements, you should conduct the necessary tests using the proper pressure measurement apparatus. When it comes to quick leak detection, a gas detector from our selection of  Safety Equipments is the ideal device.



Ammonia Leak Detection System

Due to the hazardous potential of the pungent-smelling ammonia gas when exposed to air, this ammonia leak detection system is a crucial component of worker safety. Reduced risk of irritation of the skin, eyes, nose, and throat, as well as a possible reduction in the risk of respiratory failure, are all benefits of ongoing air quality monitoring for ammonia. This ammonia leak detection system emits an alert or warning signal when levels rise over the maximum permitted by safety requirements.

Relief Vent Indicators - Relief Vent Indicator Type SFI


  • Design pressure: 250 PSIG
  • Available in three connection sizes: 1' FPT, 1 1/2' FPT, 2' FLG
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Low pressure drops
  • Flag position viewable from a distance
  • Locking spring to secure flag in place after a release 

Ammonia Gas Leak Detector - LCD

Refrigerant Pressure Relief Valves Type Sh 56 Series

The purpose of this Refrigerant Pressure Relief Valve Type Sh 56 Series is to quickly release excessive pressure in vessels containing refrigerant. It is constructed with careful adherence to specifications for safety relief devices. According to this regulation, all refrigeration systems pressure vessels must be safeguarded by a pressure release mechanism or another authorized method of safely relieving pressure in the case of a fire or other abnormal circumstances. There is a fixed pressure option for this Refrigerant Pressure Relief Valve Type Sh 56 Series.

Dead Man's Valve TYPE MDMV

This Dead Man's Valve Type MDMV is utilized for extremely quick oil or water drain. Particularly for pressure-draining both oil and water from closed-loop cooling systems, this valve is developed. In order to safeguard the operator against refrigerant leakage that may accidentally discharge gas into the atmosphere, the valve self-closes upon release of the handle. This Dead Man's Valve Type MDMV was developed in accordance with all safety requirements specified in both national and international standards for commercial cooling.

Man Trap Alarm Type MTA

With the help of this Man Trap Alert Type MTA, a person trapped within a frigid room can call for help by sounding an externally placed acoustic-luminous alarm. Due to the external unit's buffer battery, this Man Trap Alarm Type MTA will continue to function even in the case of a brief power outage. a control unit with an audio and visual alert. It has a bright emergency in-room push button and a buffer battery. It offers flexibility and is inexpensive.

Dual Manifold Type DSV2 And DSV4

Dual Manifold Type DSV3


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